Plastic Edging Kits By Hedge

Ideal for


  • Residential landscaping projects

  • Hotels and resorts 

  • Council parks, paths, play equipment and open spaces

  • Commercial paving projects

  • Paving Restraint Lawn / Artificial Grass

  • Garden Beds

  • Paths / Walkways / Driveways

  • Tree Surrounds

  • Curves

  • Soft-fall resin border 

  • Above / Below Ground Installation

Available in

Black anodised.jpeg



  • Provides a neat edge to secure paved edges into position

  • Separate lawn, mulch, pavers, gravel borders

  • Fast and easy to install

  • Flexible, easily installed in straight lines or curved edges

  • Patented joining and assembly system

  • Can be cut to any length

  • Works well between all hard/soft surface types

Paving 1.png

Plastic Paving Restraint
(L) 1000mm (H) 45mm (W) 80mm 

Straight Lines & Curves

Got a project that requires something bespoke?