Plastic Edging Kits By Hedge

Ideal for


  • Residential landscaping projects

  • Hotels and resorts 

  • Council parks, paths, play equipment and open spaces

  • Commercial paving projects

  • Lawn / Artificial Grass

  • Raised Garden Bed

  • Paths / Walkways / Driveways

  • Tree Surrounds

  • Straight lines & Curves

  • Above / Below Ground Installation

Available in

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  • Provides a neat edge separating lawn, mulch, pavers, gravel

  • Fast and easy to install

  • Flexible, easily installed in straight lines or curved edges

  • Patented joining and assembly system

  • Can be cut to any length

  • Works between all hard/soft surface types

  • Edge Pro allows you to easily create perfect lines or gentle curves between your garden beds and lawns. The edging lengths simply click together and are held in place with 3 steel anchoring spikes. 

  • Optional irrigation clips that just simply snap into position to support 13mm and 19mm Poly Pipe. No more leaks, no more wondering where your irrigation lines are, extend your garden as your plants grow.

Plastic Garden Edging
(L) 1000mm (H) 79mm (W) 80mm 

Straight Lines & Curves

Got a project that requires something bespoke?