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Ideal for


  • Ideal for paths, walkways, garden beds, retaining walls, agg-pipe, wherever excess water removal is required

  • Landscaping

  • Retaining walls

  • Landscaping projects

  • Garden beds

  • Agg-pipe and drainage needs

  • Dams and swales

  • Road stabilisation

Available in

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  • Prevents contamination of landscape materials

  • Referred to as bidim, geotextile or geo fabric

  • Ideal for paths, walkways, garden beds, driveways, and retaining walls

  • Acts as a divider between landscape materials, preventing water retention, to allow free flow of water. Important for use when drainage or water build needs to be removed quickly.

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100GSM Landscape Fabric
(L) 50m - 100m (W) 1m - 5m 

Retaining Walls & Drainage

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