Landscape Fabric

Landscape Fabric

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$0.90 per 1 Square meter

Hedge produce a range of quality landscape fabrics, weedmats and textiles mainly used for landscaping purposes such as garden beds, pebble paths, driveways and as a permeable barrier for drainage pits, and retaining walls.


  • Mulch Mat suppresses weeds and retains moisture in the ground for plants to thrive.
  • Landscape Fabric allows the flow of excess water to be removed from behind retaining walls and drainage areas and ideal for paths, driveways and decorative mulched pebble materials.
  • Jute provides an excellent natural organic material for vegetable beds, suppressing weeds and great for retaining moisture around shallow vegetable root systems. 


Hedge provide a wide range of residential, commercial and civil geo synthetics available in various roll sizes and lengths.


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