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From innovation to design, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging solutions and merchandise, you can count on us being with you every step of the way.

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Garden edging ideas, herb & vegetable planters designed for modern lifestyles, garden tips & advice and much more when you partner with Hedge

Focus on your business, we'll take care of the rest


With our software, you can now sell your products on-demand.


You place an order and we produce, pack and ship within 8-12weeks 


Enjoy peace of mind, customers  purchasing a product they can trust

Upgrade to a better customer experience

Attract new customers to your business and better connect your existing ones to a quality range of garden and landscaping products that they will love to use.


Satisfy more customer with Delivery or Pick up

Delivery done right

Customer Pick up

Your business can: Assign drivers. Confirm despatch directly from your phone. Google API route delivery suggestions. Customers track orders in real-time. Drivers capture proof of delivery signatures on there phone. 

Give customers: The flexibility of pickup. They place and pay for orders online, we send those orders to you, and let them know when to collect.

Note: This feature is available when you connect your store to  


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