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About Hedge

Professional Landscapers

Leaders in structural landscaping and maintenance services in Australia since 1994

We love life and the outdoors

That’s why we developed a range of garden products designed to meet the demanding requirements of landscape design, construction, whilst considering the applications, elements, and varied use of landscape materials


As landscapers, we understand the importance of a job well done.


We carefully choose quality materials, superior finishes and manufacture our products for purpose and function.

Our services


- Design

- Innovation

- Bespoke manufacturing


- Marketing / Merchandising

- Export 

- Sourcing

- Technology 


From humble beginnings as an apprentice landscaper to a leader in quality landscaping products. The Hedge brand continues to thrive as an innovator of quality garden and landscaping products, widely trusted by major retailers, independents, garden centres, architects and landscaping professionals alike.




"Our company has established a reputation as a leader in quality, innovative garden products."

Daniel Gobbo,

Founder of Hedge

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Manufacturer and supplier of quality landscaping products to independents and major retailers since 2007

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Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 9673 7145

Email: hello@hedge.net.au



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